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Delivering your message, whether during a virtual sales meeting or in a physical classroom, is best supported by professionally printed collateral.

Items like notepads, branded pens, and bound documents will provide essential meeting materials and important branded takeaways. Documents, such as manuals, a printed PowerPoint deck, workbooks, and note pads, require simple bindery services to improve meeting function and the user experience.

Get this wrong, and the user has a jumbled set of papers that may be out of order and represent your group unprofessionally. Get it right, and the user has a clear presentation of your ideas in a form they can reference and reuse again.

Here are some simple binding techniques that are guaranteed to make you and your organization look great:

Staples are the time-tested method for any handouts and remain economical and efficient. (Typical page count, 2 – 160 sheets)

Saddle Stitching
This binding process is a cost-effective approach, applying two staples to the spine of the book. It looks nice, has a workbook/ lay-flat form, and stands the test of time. (Typical page count, 8 - 92 pages)

Tape Binding
A tape bind is a pre-manufactured strip with hardened glue. The strip is heated, and pages get pressed into the reactivated adhesive. When the adhesive cools, the pages are bound to the strip. This method focuses on economy, for quick one-time use projects. (Typical page count, 20 - 240 pages)

Plastic Coil Binding
Training workbooks, marketing materials, and user guides often use a plastic spiral. Pages get punched with a series of small holes, and a plastic coil is rolled into place using a coil inserter. Trimming the ends of the spiral delivers the proper finish. Plastic coil binding is common, and coil color options make this a professional choice. (Typical page count, 20 - 900 pages)

Wire-o and Comb Binding
Wire-o is a pre-formed metal strip with the appearance of wire loops. Combs are plastic spines with formed rings. Both require pre punching the page for application and get crimped on using special bindery equipment. These binding options provide a nice touch; but, do not fit many applications. (Typical page count, 20 – 400 pages)

Perfect Binding
Softcover books require the application of a thermal (heated) glue to the inside spine of the cover. The inside page set is milled and then pressed into the liquid adhesive. When the glue cools, the cover and inside pages are bound together. (Typical page count, 28 – 900 pages)

When binding notepads, liquid padding glue is brushed on to the edge of the stack of paper. A few coats are applied to ensure the pages stay together and then dry clear in color. The pads are separated with a piece of chipboard and easily split using a padding knife. (Typical page count, 25 – 50 sheets)

The affordability and application of each bindery method are closely related to the quantity and page count for the item. If you need help identifying the right solution for your next meeting or training, or as a supplement to any virtual meeting, please reach out.

Whether it is business stationery, branded promo supplies, or binding options, the method you choose will help shape the outcome of your message.

Xperient is Central Florida's locally owned premier print shop, with BIG ideas. If we can help with your next print and bindery project, please contact us.

Posted 2020

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