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Quality in the print world is defined as the degree of excellence, established by comparing one outcome or product to the expectation, often set by a previous experience or example.

In simpler terms, we ask and answer the question: does this look 'right' and does it align with the intended result. In most instances, we know (the answer) without consciously asking and answering the question. Achieving quality is the culmination of experience, passion, proper tools and reliable processes, and every good print service provider must have a system.

Built on a defined quality control procedure, Xperient wraps quality control around projects from the initial conversation, and each phase of the project cycle, through packaging and delivery. Our goal is to exceed these expectations every time.

Here is our procedure – 12 steps to quality success:

01 Consulting
We consult with every client regarding the objective of the project. Unless there is a pre-established guideline (history project, clear client instruction, etc.), we take a moment to discuss the expected outcome and share our expertise to ensure your finished project meets expectations.

02 Proof
We proof every project. Whether it is a digital pdf or a physical mock at your request, we provide a 'visual' to ensure we are going to exceed expectations. All multipart projects that involve several coordinating elements are produced as full mocks to ensure continuity of parts and result.

03 Order Receipt
Every order, unless waived by the client, includes an order receipt confirming the specifications, the delivery timeline, and the quoted price.

04 Expert Intuition
We approach every project as if it were our own. We look through the lens of the client and ask the questions necessary to ensure that this will be produced and delivered right and on time. We take great pride in recording settings, consulting client brand guides, using Pantone color matching books and recording/reviewing project notes.

05 Calibration and Maintenance
Our equipment is calibrated daily and maintains the highest standard. Our team is tenured, experienced and our equipment is serviced by approved professional technicians. Our 'tandem' model encompasses replication and supports the ability to produce the same project on another machine with the same capabilities and quality expectations. When volume matters most, we can double up using the same approach and output twice as much or twice as fast.

06 Quality Check 1
This is the first print in the production run. Whether bringing the job up to color or just comparing to the approved proof - every project starts with the first and is signed off by a project coordinator.

07 Quality Check 2
Every project is reviewed throughout the product run to ensure the production methods hold the standard. In many mechanical and automated processes, changing variables can impact details during the process. Our QC2 identifies and remedies any mid-run production issues, should they occur.

08 Quality Check 3
Whether it is coming from the equipment directly into the shipping box or requires additional finishing (bindery, folding, etc.), our team performs a third check to ensure consistency and quality integrity. When bindery is required, a project coordinator signs off on the first 'finished' pieces and confirms it is a direct match to the approved proof.

09 Final Quality Check
Every order is reviewed for final accuracy when packaging and preparing for delivery. Each order receives an 'inspected by' tag, signed by a qualified team member.

10 Follow Up
We follow up regularly to ensure your order was received as expected. Our goal is to create open lines of communication to ensure we deliver your best print experience.

11 Personal Integrity
Xperient means 'experience and print.' We take this very seriously, and our single focus is to provide products and services aligned with how we would like to receive them. Our tenured team was handpicked and earns their role based on personal integrity to deliver great work.

Of course, we are human and combining technology, with equipment and materials and world elements, it is still possible (albeit remote and very few) for a mistake to happen. Our best quality attribute may be how we handle a quality issue, should an error occur:

12 Responsibility
We own it. Should something go awry, there is no finger pointing, no blaming suppliers or partners. No throwing members of our team under the bus. We take responsibility and put it at the front of all processes, and we make it right – immediately.

Why? You deserve it. And expect it, or should expect it. We believe the pace of the business world is not designed to worry about whether your materials will arrive with issues. We subscribe to the concept that delivering on our promise will enable you to focus on delivering on yours. Our quality stands for Xperient, and we hope to earn and maintain quality relationships and would like to be your forever print partner.

With over 14 years of delivering smiles to clients, we have proven this common sense, 12 step procedure is the key to success. Whether business cards, training guides, posters, annual appeals or invitations, our systems are poised to make you look good.

Xperient is Central Florida's locally owned professional print provider, focused on exceeding your expectations every time.

Posted 2017

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What People Say About Xperient

  • Xperient sets the pace for outstanding customer service. Their work is of the highest quality, always on time, and done with a 'can do' attitude.

    Professor - Rollins College
  • I've used Xperient on many occasions and every single time they go well beyond expectations with every job. From a great staff to a superlative product, they just "get it." A flawless process from start to finish. I highly recommend using Xperient for any of your quick, creative and unique printing needs.

    Graphic Designer - Agency
  • The work done by Xperient is truly exceptional. They are not just a vendor, but a true partner on a project from beginning to end. I highly recommend Xperient for any project. You will find that they provide top-quality deliverables.

    Vice President - Healthcare
  • I am no doubt one of hundreds of who have used Xperient at more than one company. There are enough “surprises” in Marketing without putting yourself at risk through work that is poorly done or does not arrive on time. Simply stated, you want to do business with Xperient!

    Marketing - Tech Industry

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